• Chad Republic is a land locked country located at the very heart of Africa. It shares border with Libya in the north, with Soudan in the east, with Nigeria and Niger in the west and in the south with Cameroon and Central Africa. The official languages of Chad Republic are French and Arabic. However, there is a multitude of local languages and dialects one of which is Ngambay that we must study.
  • Chad religious background is a checker board. The majority are Muslims. Both Catholics and protestants come second. A small percentage remains animist or traditional religion. The Catholic Church has been present here since 1929 with the first arrival of the Spiritan missionaries.
  • The SVDs have been in Chad since early 2003. We accepted our first parish in 2004. It was a meaningful arrangement with the local bishop of the diocese of Gore that the pioneer SVD team accepted this parish that bears the name of our Founder just on the occasion of the canonization of St. Arnold Janssen and St. Joseph Freinademetz.
  • At the present, the SVDs work in 3 different parishes (of two dioceses) and the construction of our formation house is well under way in another diocese. Our strength of 13 young, open and energetic confreres from 8 different nationalities is simply impressive (4 Togolese, 2 Congolese, 2 Indonesians, 1 Indian, 1 Angolan, 1 American, 1 Malagasy, and 1 Polish)
  • Chad mission is, more than ever, ready to welcome more confreres to our CTP/OTP program. In fact, our CTP/OTP program is quite flexible and extremely rich in first-hand experience of mission as we are still a very young mission (only 14 years of age). If you are interested in inter-faith, inter-religious dialogs, Chad mission is where you want to go. We have protestants, Muslims, nomads and animists for neighbors. If you are interested in social works such as public health, peace building, poverty reduction, clean drinking water problem, Chad mission is where you want to go. Everything is first-hand experience. You learn as you work. Or if you are interested in language studying, bible ministry, or cross-cultural environment, Chad mission is the place. In the context of our SVD parishes, we have the Ngambays, the Lakas, the Kos, the Mboums, the Saras… Different ethnic group provides different opportunity for evangelization. We also have youth ministry, pastoral exposure, schoolwork among children. OTP/CTP confreres should be open and readily disposed to learn more about various cultures in Chad.
  • In 15 years of our existence in Chad, we have welcomed 2 CTP confreres. The first CTP student was Frt. Huy Tran from the Chicago province (2013-2015), who has returned to Chad after his ordination and is currently working here. In addition, we have recently welcomed the second OTP student Frater Paulo Cipriano from the Angolan province. Paulo comes to us from Brazil where he has finished his 2nd year of theology.


  1. CTP/OTP in Chad expand over the period of 3 years. Generally, the first year is preserved for the language study. In our case, it is French since it is one of the official languages of the country. Most confreres learn French in Togo before arriving in Chad. However, other options, if possible, concerning where to learn French in the first year are negotiable.
  2. After French study, presumably in Togo, CTP/OTP confreres will transfer to Chad Mission for 2 years in addition. It is during this time that the confreres are exposed to experience first-hand the reality of mission.
  3. It is important to note that upon the arrival of confreres, they will be welcomed and arranged to visit all SVD communities and workplaces in Chad. Then for the next 3 months, they will once again be introduced to the local language and culture Ngambay in one of our parishes. After these 3 months, the CTP/OTP confreres will be in the good hand of CTP/OTP director, who will guild and accompany them the rest of the program in Chad. CTP/OTP confreres will be entrusted various responsibilities and commitments as our principle states “learning while working.”


  • Concerning Visa and passport to Chad Republic, it is a must that OTP/CTP confreres obtain a tourist Visa of one (1) month to three (3) months (preferably 3 months) before their arrival to the capital city Ndjamena. This will allow us plenty of time to change their tourist visa status to a long-term multiple-entry one (one year / renewable each year).
  • Along with the tourist Visa, the CTP/OTP confreres must also obtain at least 6 passport photos prior to their arrival. These will be used for record keeping at the police office and at the Conference of Bishop of Chad.
  • In addition, a letter of invitation from our mission superior will be sent (by post or scan email) to the CTP/OTP confreres. This will facilitate the tourist Visa process mentioned above.
  • CTP/OTP confreres who wish to come to Chad, must also obtain an international certificate of yellow fever vaccination prior to their arrivals. This certificate must be present at the entry at the airport.
  • If required an official address of the SVDs in Chad, the CTP/OTP confreres can provide this address below:                       


CTP/OTP DIRECTOR (in English or French)


TELS:  (+235) 90 52 59 97

             (+235) 68 20 09 10

WHATSAPP:   (+235) 91 91 32 25






TELS:   (+235) 99 40 86 24

             (+235) 65 58 02 95

WHATSAPP:  (+235) 99 40 86 24


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